4 Important Things To Consider Before Buying The Nomad Millionaire FBA Course

If you have already read my Nomad Millionaire Course review, you know I think it’s an excellent course that has worked out pretty well for me.

But, I also recognize this:

 It is not going to be a great opportunity for everyone. 

So in the name of honesty (as this blog’s name suggests), I am going to give you 4 reasons to think carefully before buying Nomad Millionaire FBA Course.

You Could Loose All Your Money

Whilst not as bad as creating a traditional brick and mortar business, Amazon FBA still carries a high level of risk compared to other online business models.

You have to invest upfront in stuff like education, inventory and shipping with the very real possibility that no one will ever buy your products.

 And no sales = no profits. 

burned 100 US dollar banknotes with the nomad millionaire fba course

So whilst I think that the FBA Freedom Accelerator program provides you with the best possible chance at success, there is absolutely no guarantee that you will make your money back.

It may not even be for anything you have done incorrectly either.

Just some of the things out of your control that can go wrong that are:

  • Your niche rapidly becomes over-saturated after placing your first order:
Youtube comment about Amazon FBA failure
Cargo ship with shipping containers fallen over
  • You receive a product or account suspension from a bogus copyright claim:
Tom Reid facebook comment on product suspension
  • Amazon restricts your product with rule changes (more on this later):
News article about Amazon FBA warehouse restrictions

So between the Nomad Millionaire course price and the money you will need to spend on your first product, you’re investing several thousands of dollars that you may never see again.

So the question you have to ask yourself is:

 Can I loose all that money and still be okay? 

If the answer is “No” then you should really not be investing in the Nomad Millionaire FBA Course.

Success On Amazon Will Probably Take Years, Not Months

When I first signed up to Myles Dunphy’s course, I planned to launch a product a month in the hopes of quitting my day job within a year.

I did some back of the envelope calculations and it all seemed possible.

“Myles had done it, so why couldn’t I” I reasoned.

But after I started selling, I soon found out the that the goal was going take longer than I first thought.

selective focus photo of brown and blue hourglass on stones
    This was partly due to the products I picked to sell (low competition, low demand), but also partly due to the realities of selling private label goods via FBA, such as:

  • Cash flow management
  • Building enough capital for growth
  • Delays caused by developing products remotely
  • Slow inventory shipping times

And whilst I am now half way to quitting my job (working only 3 days a week), I understand it’s probably going to still take another year and a half to quit completely.

I’m not saying it’s impossible to achieve that goal within a year, a small handful of Myles’ students have done it already after all.

But, the realities of selling private label good via FBA means that…

  …achieving job killing success in a short time frame is the exception and not the rule. 

So if you’re going to purchase the course, please be prepared for it to take years, not months, to turn it into a full time income source.

The Success Rate Of The Nomad Millionaire FBA Course Is Unknown

As any you would expect any good salesperson to do so, the Nomad Millionaire focuses on a handful of students who are his most successful when promoting his course.

But what about all the others?

Well there are currently over 550 members in the course’s Facebook group.

So how do most of them go?

While I have read dozens of stories of success and a few stories about failures, the answer to this question really is:

It’s impossible to tell.

This is because most members choose not to share their results publicly.

Pie chart of the success rate of the Nomad millionaire FBA course

Whilst this is a choice I can respect, it means that we really don’t know how many of Myles’ students are actually successful at Amazon FBA.

And whilst I think (anecdotally) that the course is great, if you’re the kind of person who likes solid statistics before making such a large purchase, then unfortunately that data simply does not exist yet.

Amazon Are Making Things Harder in 2020

The reality you quickly learn when starting on Amazon is that you’re in their house, playing by their rules…

…and they like to change those rules on a regular basis.

4 men moving goal posts with Amazon meme text

One recent example are the changes they have made due to Covid-19.

The havoc the virus has caused has prompted Amazon US to make changes that have made it much harder to start selling on their platform.

They have restricted any new products that don’t have a sales history to have a maximum storage limit of 200 units in their warehouses:

In other words, you can only send and store 200 units of your new product in to their warehouses at any one time.

Unless you have a high sale velocity, which you are unlikely to achieve when launching, then you’re stuck with that limit.

This makes it difficult to launch new products as unless you want to send 200 units at a time from China by boat (not a good idea), then you have to warehouse your goods somewhere locally so you can be ready to send in more units every time your stock runs out.

That’s okay for Americans who can store their products in the garage.

But for international sellers like me…

…it’s a massive headache to say the least!

man covering face with both hands while sitting on bench
Thanks Amazon

And whilst I expect Amazon to revert back to normal at some point in the next few months, this serves a perfect example of how they can change the rules at anytime really messing up your plans.

So if you do decide to buy the course, please expect annoying obstacles thrown in your way from time to time that you have to figure out how to overcome.

Just have a read about some of the other challenges I have faced doing Amazon FBA to get an idea of what I mean.


Well there you have it folks, 4 things to consider before you buy the Nomad Millionaire FBA Course.

I hope by now I have made it clear that it’s not always going to be smooth sailing if you do chose to purchase the program.

It’s going to take time and effort and things will definitely not go as planned sometimes.

But, as long as you’re prepared for the challenges and determined not to give up in the face of adversity, purchasing the FBA Freedom Accelerator could be the best investment you ever make.

FBA Freedom Accelerator

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