My Nomad Millionaire Course Review – Scam or Legit?

Myles Dunphy Photo asking if Amazon FBA course is scam or legit

Picking the right Amazon FBA course is not an easy task.

In fact, I would go as far to say that making the choice can be downright stressful.

You don’t want to pay a large sum of money just to find out you get a low value, out of date course that in no way helps you reach your goal of quitting your job and living a life of freedom.

So it comes as no surprise you’re here doing a little research before you decide whether to purchase Myles Dunphy’s FBA Course, AKA The FBA Freedom Accelerator.

As someone who has completed the program in full and put it’s methods to the ultimate test in building my own business, I’m happy to say that I’ve got you covered with this comprehensive Nomad Millionaire Course Review.

    By the end of reading it, you will know:

  • How much the course costs
  • If the course has worked for me
  • If the course is truly worth your time and money

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But… and it’s a BIG BUT…

…read carefully below before buying as this course is not for everyone. 

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So without further ado, here is my Nomad Millionaire Course Review:

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Who Is Myles Dunphy, AKA The Nomad Millionaire?

Myles Dunphy is an entrepreneur from Australia who quit his cushy engineering job in 2017 and took a chance on creating his own online business.

After a failed attempt at building a used car yard he literally tried to run out of the public street he was living on (every successful entrepreneur has a failure story after all) he decided that he was going to go all in on an Amazon FBA private label business whilst traveling the world at the same time.

Photo of FBA Freedom Accelerator creator Myles Dunphy photo
The Nomad Millionaire

In the years since then he has been very successful at the Amazon FBA game, becoming a seven figure per year seller within 3 years.

Nomad Millionaire Myles Dunphy on Sailing Boat
The Nomad Millionaire living up to his name and running his business from his sailing boat docked somewhere in the world

For his full story on how he took his business from zero to seven figures, please watch below:

What Is The Nomad Millionaire Selling?

Myles Dunphy’s website promotes and offers a digital Amazon FBA training program called the FBA Freedom Accelerator.

It claims to be able to take people, even with no business experience, and teach them how to create a private label Amazon FBA business that generates them a passive income.

Nomad Millionaire FBA Course Materials
    What the course claims to offer is:

  • 11 different training modules that contain 20+ hours of videos and slides
  • Access to a range of helpful documents such as cost calculators, email templates etc
  • Membership to an exclusive Facebook community
  • Access to video chats with Myles
  • A way to get in contact with Myles for questions and mentorship
  • Discounts on tools and software

Is The FBA Freedom Accelerator A Scam Or Fake?

Speaking from my personal experience…

 No, the FBA Freedom Accelerator course is not a scam or fake.  

It is a legit course, with a ton of valuable information that can be used to build a successful Amazon FBA business.

Why do I say this with such confidence?

Well, for two main reasons:

1. The FBA Freedom Accelerator Contains Exactly What It Promises

I joined the course when it opened late 2018.

Since then, I have gone through all the modules and can confirm that the course does contain exactly what is claimed on the website.

For proof and a quick run through of what the FBA Freedom Accelerator looks like inside please watch the below video I created:

2. I Created My Own Successful FBA Business By Following The FBA Freedom Accelerator Course

As for my second point as to why the course is not a scam…

 …I am living proof the course is legit. 

    In my first year on Amazon I managed to:

  • Make back the cost of the course within two months of buying it
  • Launch five products
  • Generate over $140,000 USD in sales with a 40% Profit Margin

Here is a sales graph of what that year looked like:

Nomad Millionaire Course Review - My Results

As it currently stands a year and a half in, my Amazon business is now spitting me back more in profit than my day job.

 Here are my two most recent payment proofs from Amazon: 

FBA Freedom Accelerator Course Results
Each are from a two week period of sales

Not as wildly successful as some in the course, but I’m pretty happy still as I more than doubled my income within a year.

In the field I currently work in, it is estimated that doubling your income takes an average of 8 to 10 years.

So yeah, I’m pretty happy with the results and can verify the methods Myles teaches do indeed work

How Much Does The FBA Freedom Accelerator Course Cost?

 The course costs is currently $2000. 

Although you can get a discount on this price.

Please see the Nomad Millionaire Course Discount to see how much you can get off.

It’s not a small amount of money and I would consider purchasing it very carefully beforehand (for reasons I get into further below).

If you’re serious about purchasing any FBA course, not just this one, one thing to keep in mind is this:

Courses are an investment

Investment Scrabble text

What do I mean by this?

Providing that the the course is good and you have the motivation to complete it and take action, you will very likely make your money back and then multiply it.

For an in-depth dive into this idea check out my article on buying Amazon FBA courses

Why Did I Buy The FBA Freedom Accelerator?

So why did I end up taking the leap and buying the course myself?

I’ll be honest, in mid 2018 I was having a mid-life crisis.

I was turning 30 and had yet to pick a career path, let alone have success at one.

The idea of working for someone else for the rest of my life did not appeal to me so I shunned a career and traveled abroad through most of my twenties instead.

Photo of Tom Reid, Honest Amazon FBA founder
Hello From Vietnam!

Don’t get me wrong, I had fun, but as thirties got closer, the feeling that I had to get something together grew and grew.

The problem was I really did not want a 9 to 5 career for the rest of my life.

Finding an Alternate Path

One day I got curious, how could I make more money without having a boss?

Whilst searching I came across the term PASSIVE INCOME for the first time on the blog Real Passive Income Ideas.

Reading their article the topic of passive income streams literally changed my life.

No longer did I have to work for someone else for the rest of my life, there was another possible way!

Office Space movie meme
No thanks!

After weighing up the options, Amazon FBA seemed to me to be the best choice to make a living from passive income.

The problem though?


But, I was determined to give it a shot.

The idea of gaining complete time/financial freedom outweighed any doubts I had.

Amazon FBA Journey Begins (a bit confused)

So I started on the initial part of my journey on the cheap.

I thought I could gather all the knowledge I need for free.

I spent around three months trying to learn with various YouTube videos.

But as it turns out, piecing together different bits of information from different teachers was confusing me as much as it was helping me.

Puzzle pieces
How did it all fit together?

For example, I remember watching three different videos from three different sources about how to ship products to Amazon.

They all advised different ways of doing it!

I then had to do research for another few hours trying to figure which way was actually correct

In the end, I concluded it was a very inefficient way of learning Amazon FBA.

I Find A Solid Teacher: The Nomad Millionaire

One late night though, I stumbled across one of Myles Dunphy’s videos about how to create effective PPC campaigns:

And excellent effective Nomad Millionaire PPC campaigns tutorial

I was blown away by the HIGH VALUE knowledge he was providing.

I started watching more videos of his and the more I saw, the more I liked.

Apart from the valuable knowledge he was providing for free, what also impressed me was his HONESTY.

He wasn’t trying to make it seem like Amazon FBA was a breeze.

Rather, he was giving what I felt was a realistic picture of what to expect.

And to top it all off I simply liked the way he broke down important topics and made them very easy to understand.

Nomad Millionaire (podcast) - Myles Dunphy | Listen Notes

So when he said he had an upcoming course, I signed up to the email list.

And although there was no FBA Freedom Accelerator course review to verify it was not all one big scam, I went with my gut and when it was released I took the plunge.

I am glad to say I was not disappointed with what I found.

A year and a half later I now have a successful Amazon FBA business that generates me income even when I sleep.

What I Like About The Nomad Millionaire’s Course

So now lets get into the weeds with this FBA Freedom Accelerator Review and go over what I liked about the course.

Where to begin?

Expert, In-Depth Knowledge

It’s clear from his YouTube videos that Myles has a in-depth knowledge on the subject of selling on Amazon.

But what you’re getting in these videos is only the tip of the iceberg.

In the course, Myles goes DEEP.

And by deep I mean hours of video tutorials jam packed with EXTREMELY VALUABLE knowledge.  

For example, in “Module 08: Launch & Rank Your Product on Amazon,” Myles has over 2 hours of video content on the different methods of getting reviews fast.

With a combination of conceptual knowledge and over the shoulder tutorial video, he leaves no stone un-turned when it comes to getting reviews ASAP.

This kind of in-depth insider knowledge that the course is full of is so valuable and effective.

Having access to it can be the difference between failure and success.

Great Teacher, Clear Lessons…

Teaching is complicated.

Having an in-depth knowledge on a subject does not immediately mean someone will be able to convey that knowledge to someone else effectively.

It all depends on their ability to teach.

FBA Freedom Accelerator - Intro Video screenshot

I am happy to say Myles is a great teacher.

He has a knack for explaining things in a clear and concise manner that I have not found matched by anyone else in the Amazon FBA sphere.

His ability to teach is enhanced by high quality aids, such as the slides and concise PDFs, that accompany the video in each lesson.

He also provides live recorded video lessons with excellent narration so he can take you through his exact processes for success at things like product research and product selection.

Though all this, I found things that previously did not make sense to me became really clear after hearing Myles explain them.

In short, his teaching ability and style makes the processes of learning Amazon FBA so much easier.

Easy To Follow Structure

What is more, the overall structure of the course that Myles has created is excellent.

The 11 modules and their numerous sub lessons fit together nicely in the order of action that needs to be taken:

Myles Dunphy FBA Course Content rundown

The result is that the course is logical and easy to follow.

I personally found that the next step I had to take was always clear.

This resulted in me taking more action, and in turn more success.

So not only is the teaching quality top notch, but the overall structure of the course is also excellent.

The Facebook Group

The Facebook community Myles has setup is also a crucial part of the course that has provide me with lots of value.

It’s an active and friendly community of like minded individuals all looking to achieve the same goal.

When I have had unique problems where the answer cannot be found I have often turned to the community for help and not been disappointed:

It’s hard to underestimate the value of knowledge in this FB community as it consists of members that span the whole spectrum experience, from those at the very beginning of the journey to people who are already seven figure sellers.

 The “Nomad Millionaire” is not the only millionaire active in the community. 

These more advanced sellers have on a number of occasions shared some super effective techniques that have assisted my business immensely.

I also really like that Myles holds regular video chats on the group in which you can speak to him direct and ask questions.

I tend to ask more mindset related questions on these chats rather than technical ones as the course covers all the technical stuff I need.

Screenshot of Myles Dunphy in live chat in Facebook group

Unlike reports I have heard about other courses, I am happy to say that Myles is very responsive when contacted.

I have messaged him directly via email and FB messages on a few occasions for advice on how to proceed in certain situations and he has always responded usually within a day or two.

So two thumbs up for reliability 👍👍

New Updates Regularly

Amazon FBA is not static.

It’s changing constantly, whether it be algorithm updates or new rules that can bring ruin to some sellers overnight.

Courses made even only a few years ago can be seriously outdated today.

But I am happy to say the The FBA Freedom Accelerator is regularly updated.

Since I have joined, over two dozen new lessons have been added. 

    The updates are usually for one of three reasons:

  • New knowledge Myles has gained
  • New knowledge that one of Myles’ student’s has gained
  • Changes Amazon has made to it’s rules or algorithm

Like this one he did the other day:

Screenshot of FBA Freedom Accelerator update

The great thing about these updates is the course is still relevant and its methods remain effective a full year and a half after it was first released.

Who Is The Course Not For?

As the name of this blog suggests, I want to be completely honest in this Nomad Millionaire Course Review.

So I have to stress that…

 …this course is not going to be for everyone.  

It’s hard work and not everything is going to work out like you plan.

Just head over to my article on some of the challenges I have faced while doing Amazon FBA to get an idea what I mean.

So keeping this in mind, what kind of person do I think this course would not be suited to?

Those Not Willing To Put In The Hard Work

Firstly, I would say the FBA Freedom Accelerator program is definitely not for people who are not willing to put in at least fifty solid hours of hard work just to get the business off the ground.

gray spacecraft taking off during daytime
Like a rocket, much of the energy is spent in FBA is just getting the business off the ground

Whilst the course provides the process and steps to make this business succeed, it does not do the hard work for you, nor is it a magic fix where you push a couple of buttons and money is spit out.

 It still takes a monumental amount of time and effort, particularly in the beginning.  

Before you even start selling, you need to learn and conquer each aspect of the whole FBA process.

And fully understanding the whole process is just one part of the challenge.

Next, you have to start taking action on what you have learnt, which brings me to the next kind of person I think this course is not suited to…

Amazon FBA advertising seo etc on notepad
It takes work

Those Not Willing To Take Risks

Basically, what Myles’ provides in the course is only the process for building a successful Amazon FBA business, nothing more, nothing less.

    So in order to be successful with the FBA Freedom Accelerator program, you have to be willing to:

  • Take risks
  • Make decisions
  • Live with the (financial) consequences

While I do feel the course gives the best guidance possible, there is inevitably a lot of risk involved in the decisions you make, potentially as bad as loosing most or all of your money.

So if you don’t handle taking risks too well, or cannot live with the potential consequences, then please think really carefully before purchasing this course.

You Have To Treat it Like A Real Business

This course is also not for people who are unwilling to invest money into building their business.

This business model requires you to pay for stock, shipping and advertising upfront before any profits are generated.

Therefore, it’s just not realistic with to begin without investing at least a between 5 to 10 thousand dollars.

1 U.S.A dollar banknotes
You will need at least around 5000 USD

I think this is why Myles has also recently put a condition that before joining the course:

 You must at least have $5000 USD available to use on your first product on top of the course fee.  

And I’m totally in agreement with Myles on this one.

If you’re not ready to commit this kind of money and treat this as a real business, then this may not be the right opportunity for you.

With this said, if you are willing to put in the time, effort and money, then I think this is the best course out there for succeeding at Amazon FBA.

For a IN-DEPTH look at some other things you should consider before purchasing the course, check out my article:

4 Things To Consider Before Purchasing The Nomad Millionaire FBA Course

Who Do I Think The FBA Freedom Accelerator Is For?

So who do I actually think this course is suited to?

I think it’s a good fit anyone wanting to create a successful private label Amazon FBA business and is willing to put in the hard work.

blue wake up kick ass repeat neon sign
Every day

Prior experience is not necessary as the course starts from the very beginning of the Amazon process assuming you have no knowledge.

    So as long as you:

  • Have the money
  • Are willing to put in the hard work
  • Are okay with taking on risk and living with the potential consequences

…then this course could definitely be for you.

Is Nomad Millionaire’s Course Worth The Price Tag?

If you’re prepared to do some hard work, have the money to spare and can live with the consequences, then…

 …YES, I believe it is totally worth it.  

And I say this for two main reasons:

The first is simply about the MONEY!!! 💵 💵 💵

By purchasing the course, I gained the knowledge to put a mostly automatic sales process in place that works 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

It now spits me back more money every two weeks than the whole course even cost in the first place.

green plant on brown round coins
That is how it starts

By any stretch of the imagination, that is a pretty damn good return on investment.

The second reason I feel like the course is worth the price tag is the personal development I have experienced.

It’s given me more purpose in my life by providing me a clear and worthy path to walk down.

And sappy as it sounds, I feel like a stronger, better person who is moving closer every day to the life I want to live.

Man with thumbs up looking at cloud with freedom speech bubble

For an IN-DEPTH answer as to why the course is worth the price tag, check out my article:

5 Reasons Why I Think The Nomad Millionaire Course Is Worth The Price

Nomad Millionaire Course Review – Conclusion

Well there you have it folks, my Nomad Millionaire Course Review.

I hope that by now I have clearly established that the FBA Freedom Accelerator program is not a scam by any stretch of the imagination.

Rather, it is a comprehensive Amazon course that provides you with everything you need to achieve success.

As long as you are willing to put in the time, money and effort then this could be a really good investment for you.

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Thank you for reading my Nomad Millionaire Course Review