My Opinion: Is Buying An Amazon Course Worth It?

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Do you really need to drop the money on a FBA course to be successful?

Let’s be honest, selling private label goods on Amazon is not a walk in the park.

No matter what some of the gurus tell you about making “6 figure incomes in 6 months,” there are many things that can go wrong and numerous hurdles you have to overcome in order to be successful

Even before you start selling, there is a medium to large sized mountain of knowledge you have to conquer.

    Just some of the questions you will have to find answers to even before you start selling will be:

  • How do I pick a niche to sell in?
  • How do I actually find a profitable product to sell?
  • How do I negotiate a price with a manufacturer?
  • How do I calculate cost to see if I will actually make a profit?
  • How do I ship my products to the Amazon warehouses?
  • How do I create a nice looking product page?

These are just SOME of the questions you will have to figure out answers too.

Trust me, there are plenty more.

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Navigating Amazon FBA is complicated

This is why I think finding a clear and comprehensive Amazon FBA Course is absolutely vital to success.

Sure, you could go down the route of telling yourself that you do not need a course and that tracking down a ragtag bunch of YouTube videos from different creators on different topics might be enough.

I tried that for my first 3 months of learning about Amazon FBA.

In the end I realised I was getting more confused than helped.

By trying to put the pieces together myself from a bunch of different sources, I was finding large gaps in my understanding of crucial FBA processes.

And the stuff I learnt I did gain did not fit together nicely. It sometimes even outright contradicted other knowledge I had.

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That is what happens when trying to learn from a bunch of different sources on something as open as Amazon FBA.

In the end, I had to swallow my pride and treat it like a real business.

I admitted to myself that free is not always better and that to actually be successful I was going to have to invest some money in education.

Looking back, by far it has been one of the best choices I have made.

The course I bought provided me with a consistent and tested system of knowledge that did not leave me guessing as to what to do next.

    It has saved me so much:

  • Time
  • Money
  • Effort

And I can honestly say that I don’t think I would have a FBA business today if it was not for the investment I made in education.

So Are Amazon FBA Courses Really Worth It?

I think my answer is pretty clear, but if it’s not, then here it is:

 Yes, I think paying for a Amazon FBA is totally worth it. 

I paid for a great course, and after putting in the work I now have a business that generates me more money than the course originally cost… every two weeks.

Here is my most recent payment proof from Amazon for a 2 week period:

Screenshot of amazon marketplace results

That is more than double what I paid for the course… sent back to me every two weeks.

So speaking from personal experience, I think paying for an Amazon FBA course is totally worth it.

Want to know more about the course I end up picking which has led me to success?

It’s called the FBA Freedom Accelerator by Myles Dunphy AKA The Nomad Millionaire.

Please check out my Nomad Millionaire Course Review for more information.