The Best Amazon FBA Freight Forwarder I’ve Used REVEALED

In the wonderful and whacky world of international shipping, it’s a fact that many many things can go wrong and shipments can get lost…

Cargo Ship Accident containers falling out- Not the Best Amazon FBA Freight Forwarder

So sending your first shipment to an Amazon FBA Warehouse can be a very nerve wracking experience.

    You are handing over your expensive goods and money:

  • To a company you have never met
  • That works in an industry where lots can go wrong
  • For a service that has not been provided yet

So it would be safe to say A LOT of trust is given to a freight forwarder when choosing them.

Having a good one can make or break your business, particularly in the early stages.

Fortunately, I have found one that I can highly recommend and am going to share them with you a bit further below.

But before I tell you their name of who I think is the Best Amazon FBA Freight Forwarder is though…

What Should You Look For In A Great Amazon FBA Freight Forwarder?

So what makes a freight forwarder good?

Competence and Reliability

These traits come to mind first and foremost.

They have to be able to get your goods from A to B in a safe and timely manner.

But whilst this is the most important skill for a freight forwarder to have, it is still really just the bare minimum of what they should provide.

Specialisation in Amazon FBA Shipping

Amazon warehouses can easily reject boxes, and if you’re shipping direct from China, you can basically say goodbye to your goods if this happens.

Rejected stamp

So you want your freight forwarder to be an expert in Amazon FBA and be able to catch anything that might be against Amazon rules, like oversize boxes or specific category restrictions on shipments.

Otherwise, your hard work and money could all go to waste.

They Make Life Easy For You

    With a great freight forwarder, you should not have to be dealing with any:

  • Logistics
  • Import/Export Bonds
  • Paperwork
  • Communications between your supplier and freight forwarder

Just read this Amazon FBA shipping article for a perfect example of the kind of things you should definitely not have to do.

You want to be able to just pay your freight forwarder a fixed fee send them your shipping labels and give them your supplier contact information, then never have to think about anything again until your goods arrive.

Good Customer Service

Responsive and helpful customer service is very important also.

It not only puts your mind at ease but can also help you overcoming unique shipping issues you may face.

A good shipping company should reply to all inquiries within 24 hours and have a good level of English ability.

They should also be proactive in offering solutions when you have shipping issues instead of leaving it up to you to workout what they should do.

So Who Is The Best Freight Forwarder I Have Used?

The best freight forwarder I have used by far is…

Amazon freight forwarder - FBABEE logo
These guys rock!

By embodying all the four traits I have listed above, they have honestly made my life so so much easier for the last year and a half.

I just send them an email with my supplier contact information telling them there is a pickup and to get in contact and they take care of the rest.

Every shipment of the two dozen or so I have done with them has made it successfully without issue pretty much always within their timeframe.

They have also been proactive in providing solutions for me when Amazon is playing with their rules and limiting shipments through the Covid-19 period.

All in all they are a great company that have become a crucial part of my operation.

I recommend them very highly

five star review

Check their website out at:

Please note, this is not a paid review and I have no affiliation with FBAbee. I have simply found their service outstanding and would love to help both them and you out by sharing my results.

Thank You for reading my article on the Best Amazon FBA Freight Forwarder.

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