How To Fix An Amazon Product Suspension For Trademark Infringement

You’re running a successful on Amazon business, the money is rolling in, the sun is shining and there is not a cloud in the sky.

Then one day, you get an email from Amazon titled “Notice: Policy Warning”

Uh oh…

You open the email and begin reading only to find…

…that your best selling product has been hit with a copyright complaint against it.

 Amazon FBA can really suck sometimes. 

On trying to access your listing, you are greeted with only this dreaded (yet cute) page:

Product Suspension Reason Behind Amazon's Puppy Filled Error 404 Pages

You’ve been hit with an Amazon Product Suspension.

Or what I also call:


Man in prison looking out from bars
Amazon Jail

Not a good place to be.

I hope this never happens to you, but if you’re reading this right now, it probably already has and you want to know how to fix it.

Well, look no further.

I have written this guide so you can smash through this roadblock and get your product selling again.

You will also find my FREE Plan of Action template to assist you a bit further below.

But before we get to that, remember to…

Need A Simple Way to Stay Calm

I remember the feeling of my first listing suspension all too well.

The feeling of dread crept over me and I got a HUGE knot in my stomach.

Upon reading the below email, all the hard work I had done for months had been undone in an instant:

Screenshot of Amazon Policy Warning

“Surely this is just a mistake” I thought, “it will be cleared up.”

I was wrong 😞😞😞

I started searching for information on how to deal with this issue and the feeling in my stomach got worse and worse.

The Amazon Seller Central Forums were just full of absolute doom and gloom at any mention of the word suspension.

95% of posts on the topic were unhelpful and negative.

Some simply said it was not possible to overcome a suspension without getting approval from the company/person making the complaint.

NOTE: this turned out to be totally untrue.

The YouTube videos I watched on the topic did not provide much help either apart from vague guides on how to overcome the problem.

By the end of my research, I was in a state of despair.

I was beginning to think a Amazon Product Suspension was simply not possible to overcome.

Was going to have to dump my stock and start again?

But where there is a will, there is a way.

 Instead of giving up, I rolled up my sleeves and got solving the issue. 

It took some time, but in the end I got the decision overturned:

Screenshot of Tom Reid facebook comment on Amazon suspension

The lesson I learned?

Don’t despair and give up.

Instead, remain calm and keep moving forward and your product will get reinstated.

Since then I have overcome two more Amazon product suspensions successfully and now have getting through them down to a science.

So now I have said that, let’s get into the first step you have to take to get your product suspension overturned…

Edit Your Listing

This one is obvious but I thought I better mention it just in case.

Firstly, remove all possible offending words or images from you listing.

Secondly, if your product has the offending word/image on it’s packaging, then edit the photo and re-upload it.

Your listing must be scrubbed of any of the offending content before it has a shot at reinstatement.

Pretty obvious, I know.

The next step is to…

Reach Out To Who Made The Complaint

The easiest way to get your product suspension overturned is to contact the complainant direct and ask them to remove the complaint.

I know that in many instances the person/company making the complaint is very unlikely to do this.

But, you may be surprised by what reaching out towards them can achieve.

two hand shaking

A polite email explaining that you’ve made a mistake and it won’t happen again, can go a long way.

It’s worth a shot, isn’t it?

So before doing anything else, please try emailing the complainant.

Their email address is in the suspension email you would have received.

If they do agree to remove the complaint, please ensure they copy you in on the email they send to Amazon.

    Note that the cancelation has to include the:

  • The complaint ID
  • The ASIN
  • The trademark

If you don’t get a response or they refuse to withdraw the complaint, then it is on to the next step of writing an appeal.

But before you start writing, you need to….

Understand That Amazon Does Not Care About You

It’s better to understand this about Amazon before embarking on an appeal:

 Amazon does not care about your feelings or delivering you justice. 

Once you are suspended, justly or unjustly, the only thing that will get your ASIN reinstated is by giving them exactly what they ask for.

Nothing more, nothing less.

Appeals to emotion or elaborate stories about your situation or how unfair this is will not work.

man holding telephone screaming
It won’t work

Instead, you just have to give them exactly what they want…

So What Does Amazon Exactly Want?

They want a Plan Of Action, as per Amazon’s policies, that addresses four very specific questions.

    Such as:

  • Why my product does not infringe on any intellectual property rights anymore?
  • What is the root causes that led to the issue?
  • What actions have you have taken to resolve the issue?
  • What steps you have taken to prevent future issues?

Now that you have these questions, what you have to do next is write a CLEAR & CONCISE Plan of Action that address each of these question individually.

Writing The Ultimate Plan Of Action To Overcome Your Amazon Product Suspension

Your whole Plan of Action should be structured by the above questions.

Answer each of them separately to make it as easy as possible for the person on the other end to read (see my template below for what I mean).

The person who reads it probably has a few hundred of these to go through, so anything hard to read is going to be an instant fail.

 You just need the reviewer to deem each answer as satisfactory. 

Only by doing this will they then give your Plan of Action the GREEN LIGHT to move forward proceed.

black and white signal light

So be sure to make it as easy as possible for them to read.

Keep your answers simple and precise.

    Do not:

  • Tell elaborate stories
  • Go off topic
  • Apologize profusely
  • Make excuses
  • Be emotional

Also, it’s crucial that you demonstrate that you take responsibility for the infringement, even if it’s not true.

Which brings me to my next point…

Forget The Truth

When dealing with Amazon, you have to see them as…

Big machine rolling

They do not care about individual humans and their emotions.

All they care about is receiving the correct information.

So if you want to get your suspension overturned, put the truth aside and just give them what they want.

    Even if you have clear evidence the trademark complaint is completely unjust, you just have to:

  • Swallow your pride
  • Take responsibility
  •  Only give them the information they want (even if you have to make it up) 

For example, when answering this question “What is the root causes that led to the issue?”, even you haven’t done anything wrong in the first place, it will absolutely not help to try claiming your innocence.

Your appeal will be instantly rejected.

Instead, show must show them that you understand what the root cause is.

Even if the true root cause is because a spiteful competitor who made a bogus claim that Amazon upheld, you have to come up with something like this:

Amazon Plan Of Action Answer

This is what they want, and without getting it, you will never get your product out of Amazon Jail.

 So remember, the truth does not matter. Instead, just give Amazon what they want to hear. 

Use My FREE Product Suspension Plan Of Action Template

Please feel free to use this free Plan of Action template I have put together to structure your appeal.

I would not recommend copying and pasting the whole thing.

Rather, use it to structure your own appeal and reword the paragraphs.

Provide A Commercial Invoice and Letter Of Authenticity

Okay, you’re almost there, just a few last things and you’re ready to launch the perfect appeal to get out of Amazon FBA Jail.

You will have to provide two documents that you get from your supplier.


Also, please ensure all the information in the documents is consistent.

The address and name of the supplier has to be consistent across both documents.

If it is not, you could have your appeal rejected or even worse, Amazon can accuse you of lying to them, which could jeopardise selling privileges AKA account suspended.

Letter Of Authenticity

Draft up a letter of authenticity for your supplier to sign and get them to put their company letterhead and stamp on it.

Here is one that has worked for me.

Supplier letter for Amazon product suspension

Please don’t copy it word for word as it may cause account issue

    Please note, when your supplier put on their letter head it MUST include their:

  • Website address
  • Email address
  • Company address
  • Phone number

Commercial Invoice

Please provide Amazon with the of one of your orders for the product in question.


The addresses, phone number etc should NOT be different.

If they are, it could trigger the Amazon bots and they bring claims of fraudulent documents against you opening you up to a new set of issues like a full Amazon suspension in which your selling privileges are completely revoked.

Launch Your Appeal

Once your Plan of Action is written and your documents are in order, it’s time to. put them all in an email and send them to Notice Disputes.

Note, it can take around 2 weeks for them to get back to you from the time you get the product suspension notice.

Appeal sent meme

I know, it sucks, but you can’t do much else.

NOTE: Sending multiple emails will not help, and perhaps may even bump you to the bottom of the queue

I have heard that occasionally calling Seller Support can help speed things up, but it’s unlikely.

Don’t worry, once your appeal is processed, even if it is rejected, the next appeal with them won’t take another two weeks. They seem to get back to you quicker (1 or 2 days).

But hopefully instead of having to do that, you will be getting one of these emails:

Successful Amazon appeal screenshot

Once your restricted product is out of jail and has it’s selling privileges restored, it is time to celebrate!

You have just won a David vs Goliath battle!

David vs. Goliath even one small person can make a big difference ...

Thank you for reading my article on how to overcome an Amazon Product Suspension.

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