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Hello, my name is Tom Reid the owner of this Honest Amazon FBA Website, I’m 32 years old and from Australia, and in early 2019 I started my own successful private label Amazon FBA business.

Honest Amazon FBA Founder Tom Reid

I got interested in selling on Amazon about 6 months before that. At that point, I had absolutely no previous business experience. But I did have a strong dislike of the idea of working 9 to 5 for the rest of my life and a deep love of travel.

One day I started looking for alternatives on generating income. Whilst searching I came across the term PASSIVE INCOME for the first time on the blog Real Passive Income Ideas.

Reading this article on the topic of passive income literally changed my life. No longer was I staring down the barrel of 9 to 5 for the rest of my existence. There was another possible way!

person standing on hill - freedom
Dreams of freedom filled my head

After some more research into the topic of passive income, I concluded that Private Label Amazon FBA seemed like the best choice for me. The issue was though, I had never done done anything like this.

The Honest Amazon FBA Journey Begins…

In spite of my lack of experience, in late 2018 I began researching Amazon FBA. At first I was not really willing to put and money into the business and was confident that I could gather all the information I needed from free sources like YouTube and various amazon blogs.

YouTube and the blogs I came across were enough for this initial part of the of my journey. I did get a pretty good picture of the overall general process. The problem was though, I was finding gaps in my knowledge as I was using a ragtag bunch of different videos and blogs to learn. As the information was all from different sources, many of the lessons did not fit together nicely and sometimes even downright contradicted each other.

Jigsaw puzzle of difficult Amazon FBA problems

These gaps in my knowledge led to a lack of confidence and this lack of confidence led to a lack of taking action. I got stuck at this point and lost a lot of motivation to proceed. I floundered for a couple of weeks, but I remember the idea of the freedom that a Amazon FBA business could potentially provide kept pushing me forward.

One night while searching for more information I came across this video by The Nomad Millionaire, aka Myles Dunphy:

What stuck me was the high value information he was providing for free and how easy he was to understand. I really liked what I saw and when he released his course later in the year I jumped at the opportunity to join.

Nomad Millionaire photo of Myles Dunphy
Thank you to this guy!

It turns out the course was the missing link I required, it was comprehensive and complete, filling in all the gaps in my knowledge and providing me with the tools for success.

(Click here for my Nomad Millionaire’s Course Review)

This boosted my confidence to the point I felt like I could start taking larger risks and in late 2018 after negotiating with several suppliers I made an order on my first product which was thankfully successful.

Since then, I have launched four more product, three being successful and one being break even, and I currently have four more in different stages of development and production. Last year I generated over $140,000 USD in sales with a 40% profit margin and literally doubled the income I received from my day job.

Tom Reid sales figues for 2019

One of the highlights of the journey has been a hiking trip to Japan I went on with a good friend of mine last year. We just picked a route to walk and started hiking, camping out where ever we found ourselves like behind temples or in parks (you can read about it and other journeys I have done on my other blog over here). It was an incredible experience.

Honest Amazon FBA Founder Tom Reid Hiking with friend in Japan

How does this relate to Amazon?

Well all the while we were out there (3 weeks in total) my business was ticking along generating me income even though I was on holidays.

To know I had set up processes online that made me money even while I was on hiking felt absolutely awesome. It was a surreal feeling that I was almost cheating in life somehow, as how could someone be doing something like this and still be making money!?

And now although the coronavirus has set things back a bit, I am still on track to hit my goal; so fingers crossed, but by the end of this year if all goes to plan I am hoping I can quit my job and begin travelling whenever I want (still whilst generating income at the same time).

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